Watch Party: Chorus for Change Project Music Release

4/8/20242 min read

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Change neon light signage
UMC Chorus for Change A Harmonious Call to Action Against Human Trafficking

In a world where voices often go unheard, music has a unique power to amplify messages, inspire change, and unite communities. Recently, the Universal Music Community (UMC) embarked on a powerful initiative, the UMC Chorus for Change project, to raise awareness about the scourge of human trafficking. As part of this endeavor, a remarkable music release watch party was held, graced by numerous supporters and friends of the organization.

The event was a testament to the collective efforts of individuals dedicated to making a difference. Led by UMC Music Director, Dare Amusan, the watch party commenced with a warm welcome, setting the tone for an evening filled with music, inspiration, and solidarity. Attendees were invited to immerse themselves in the impactful message conveyed through the project's music video.

As the music filled the room, emotions ran high, and hearts were stirred. Volunteers took the stage, sharing their personal experiences and motivations for contributing to the project. Their impassioned testimonials illuminated the significance of collective action in combating human trafficking. Each story served as a poignant reminder of the importance of standing together against injustice.

Throughout the evening, attendees were not only treated to captivating melodies but also engaged in meaningful conversations about the pressing issue at hand. The music served as a vehicle for dialogue, sparking discussions about the complexities of human trafficking and the urgent need for action. It was a poignant reminder that change begins with awareness and advocacy.

Amidst the heartfelt exchanges and soul-stirring music, the watch party fostered a sense of community and camaraderie. Friends of the organization came together, bound by a shared commitment to social justice and human rights. In those moments, the power of unity and solidarity became palpable, fueling hope for a better, more equitable future.

As the evening drew to a close, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. The UMC Chorus for Change project had succeeded in not only raising awareness but also mobilizing individuals to join the fight against human trafficking. It was a testament to the transformative power of music and the unwavering resolve of those dedicated to making a difference.

For those who couldn't attend the watch party in person, the UMC Chorus for Change virtual performance is available for viewing on YouTube. We invite you to experience the stirring melodies and powerful message firsthand, and join us in our mission to create a world free from the shackles of human trafficking.

In the end, the UMC Chorus for Change project reminds us that when voices unite in harmony, they have the power to change the world. Let us continue to raise our voices, amplify our message, and stand together as champions of justice and compassion.

Watch the UMC Chorus for Change virtual performance below: