UMC Band Thrills the Audience at Lula Lounge

UMC Band Thrills the Audience at Lula Lounge Demola The Violinist On Stage

8/5/20231 min read

UMC Band Joins Demola The Violinist On Stage

United Music Canada recently joined Demola The Violinist on stage in Toronto as part of his World Tour. This collaboration comes right after Demola's successful UK tour, where they captivated audiences with their mesmerizing performances.

The Project Director - Shagana Sivabalan took this opportunity to address the enthusiastic crowd, shedding light on the urgent cause that UMC is committed to - the fight against the horrific crimes of Human and sex trafficking. It was an emotional and powerful moment as the audience was not only treated to an extraordinary musical experience but also educated about the devastating consequences of these heinous acts.

The united efforts of UMC and Demola The Violinist are not only creating beautiful melodies but also striving to make a significant impact in society by raising awareness and actively combating these issues.