Kingzound Music International Album


11/12/20201 min read

Day Dream International Album

Kingzound Music has created an ingenious concept of pulling us into a world of perfection, unity and hope with their international debut album "Day Dream: The Genesis".

This imminent 14 track production brings artiste from all over the globe displaying their version of a world that would consist of life without negative cause. With genres of Hip-Hop, R & B and Afro Beats to name a few, this work of art surely brings a vibe which caters to all music connoisseurs.

"Day Dream: The Genesis" is the first studio album to be released under the label.The concept of Day Dream is to imagine the world as a place without fear, pain, disharmony and violence. During the state of imagination, each song will paint a facade of that dream. This project will have listeners visualizing the exact vision Kingzound has designed with significant music to aid in their absorption of the fulfilled album.

Day Dream without a doubt is what music has been lacking. A project with different genres, that is done internationally and has a message that speaks volume, it can't be denied that this album is diverse and refreshing.